It was 4 years ago this summer that we recorded our first album "Malos Huesos (Bad Bones)" as Wild Pack. It was recorded in a palapa at Campo #7 in La Bufadora, Punta Banda Baja Mexico with Federico Soto on harmonica, Ferreyra Cruz Noema on keyboards, Oscar QuiƱones Nogueira on drums and Sweet on bass with me on vocals and guitar. We used my condenser microphone and a laptop, that's it.

We gave what we recorded to producer and audio engineer Glenn Welman in Johannesburg, South Africa. He was amazing and made something of our amateur recordings. As it turned out his brother is a famous South African blues artist and he is a drummer himself. So he loves the music. Long story short; we are going to begin working with Glenn again starting tomorrow on our second album "Sofa King Bueno". WE ARE EXCITED!

The first album was straight ahead blues, blues rock and this time we are adding a brass section, background singers, and swinging it up a bit. It's gonna be fun, can't wait to meet all the new musicians that will be performing with us on the album. Stay tuned.
Sweet and Sixx were vacationing and met several local in the area that played the blues. Although most did not speak English, all of them sure could play the blues.


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