Sweet Sixx - Keep Getting Better (Official Video)

Keep Getting Better by Sweet Sixx Telling the story of how we get better and better with age - Keep Getting Better! Sweet Sixx is a blues-rock duo from Baja California Mexico. They are the music directors and founders of Blues Against Hunger Society Sweet Sixx Links Facebook: web.facebook.com/sweetsixxduo/ Web: www.sweetsixx.com/ Listen to Malos Huesos - SweetSixx 2014 Album: www.sweetsixx.com/p/music.html Email: sweetsixxduo@gmail.com Keep Getting Better - Lyrics By Sweet Sixx Even as a little boy the ladies loved my style They’d pick me up and squeeze me then put me down with a kiss and a smile

You gotta love the ladies for the ladies to love you back Its R-E-S-P-E-C-T if you wanna little love shack This ol dog moves slower but I still have a helluva bite You pet me just right, baby I’ll be your lapdog all night PRE-CHORUS The ladies always love me I thought I was just being clever But the older I get It seems I just keep getting better CHORUS I Keep Getting Better Baby - Better All The Time I Keep Getting Better Baby - Better Just Like Wine I Keep Getting Better Baby - Better All the Time I Keep Getting Better Baby - So good it's a crime It ain’t no secret, cuz you can have it too All you need to do is get some blues in you Credits: Guitar and vocals - Sixx Pack Bass - Sweet Pack Keyboards - Rainer Drums - Sixx Pack BLUES AGAINST HUNGER SOCIETY 501(c)(3) GIVING HUNGER THE BLUES SINCE 2013 - MUSIC AND MEALS HEAL! Our mission is to produce blues concert food drives that promote the donation of non-perishable food while preserving the blues. Please make a donation to help feed those in need. www.bahsociety.com/Donate or paypal.me/BAHS121 Win the Epiphone Slash AFD guitar signed by GUNS N ROSES - Slash, Axl and Duff! Help fight hunger and on AUG 1, 2020 it could be yours. Buy Your Tickets - https://go.rallyup.com/bahs-guitar-ra.... Find us - Like us - Follow us - Join BAHS - Subscribe! BAHS TV: https://www.youtube.com/bluesagainsth... Website: https://www.bahsociety.com Blog: https://www.bluesagainsthunger.org Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/bluesagainst... Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bluesagains... Twitter: https://twitter.com/BluesAHS Email: bluesagainsthunger@gmail.com

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