NEW SINGLE RELEASE: The long awaited debut release from Baja's own Sweet Sixx. "Those Old Blue Jeans" is a fusion of blues with a Latin groove and a chill Baja beach vibe. The song is available wherever music is downloaded or sold. 

SWEET SIXX and their gyspy blues are available for booking as a trio or full band this summer. Book early for available dates. 




Check Out Sweet Sixx and their chill Latin take on the blues. 

La Salina, Baja California Mexico – Never give up on your quest to find that sound and harness the passion to pursuing it. That is what Sweet Sixx has done on their  debut entry into the music industry. The band is known for being a swing and blues jam band and the host band of the Blues Against Hunger Society featuring all-star blues and swing jams in Mexico and United States. 

The debut single features Sixx Pack on lead guitar and vocals, Sweet Pack on bass and vocals and Miguel Korsa on guitar. Their new "Those Old Blue Jeans" conveys their chill laid-back approach to blues with a strong world music influence. The single is bound to give listeners a 420 vibe on the beach.

As a band that is completely dedicated to perfecting their fusion, they write and produce their own music. Their music draws from their travels, jams and influences around the world to create their own "Gypsy Blues" music that will inspire others.

Sweet Sixx hopes that their upcoming music project will resonate with blues and Latin music lovers around the world.

Listeners can also follow Sweet Sixx on major music and social media platforms to stay up-to-date on the latest releases. To contact them for reviews, interviews, and collaborations, use the information given on


Sweet Sixx is a blues fusion band coming to listeners from Baja California, Mexico. Although from a small Mexican city, Sweet Sixx has traveled and lived throughout Mexico and United States as well. Their experiences living in different areas has allowed them to draw from culturally different music scenes. As of now, Sweet Sixx is working hard on releasing their music.


Sweet Pack
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