Sweet Sixx is finally recording our debut album entitled SOFA KING BUENO and we need your help to make the album and tour a reality.

We've been working very hard since April when Miguel moved from Mexico City to Baja to live with us. It had been a horrific year for all three of us as it has for many, and the three of us agreed that our coming together and focusing on music would be healthy and economical for three unemployed musicians - it was very much.

Once the summer began we took every peso we earned each week to record new original music and to prepare ourselves to start our lives over again, we even all began eating healthy, exercising and losing weight. We do what we do for the love and passion we share for music, not for the money. 

Unfortunately, everything take money to produce, and although we don't have enough, we knew if we got close enough our friends, family and fans will help the project.

We have already produced 11 tracks, now we need the mastering, and production of the album and support to make the tour happen.

  1. Those Ol' Blue Jeans
  2. Enamorado de la Musica
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. Why Baby Why
  5. Borrowed Time
  6. Round and Round
  7. Why Change
  8. Caminando
  9. Magic And Mayhem
  10. Tonight
  11. Baja Boogie
PLUS, we want to be able to showcase it all at a private party for all our supporters on Oct 9th. Featuring full size movie theatre, disco, waterfall performance by Sweet Sixx, hors d'oeuvre, complimentary specialty drinks, and more.  

From myself, Sweet Rachel and Miguel, we're asking for your support on our debut album and SOFA KING BUENO tour. Check out all the PERKS and the different level. Don't have the dinero, no problem, we get it...PLEASE share with all your friends and family. 

Thank you all in advance, Sixx.