Sweet Sixx wants to thank everyone that participated in helping us publish SOFA KING BUENO our debut album. You've made a dream come true and have sparked a fire in us that will continue to burn.

“Sofa King Bueno” is as much a statement as a title in it is both how we feel about our debut release and our outlook on the future.  

Our style we affectionately call “Gypsy Blues” because it is all based in blues and tends to swing, with world influences including reggae, rhumba and more.      

Sofa King Bueno is only possible because of the love and support of our Gypsy Family, muchas gracias and we love you all: Karen Hubbel, Sam Grubb, Les and Marilyn Widd, Greg and Cathy Tiwald, Marilyn Gianetti, DiAnn Matteson, Bobby Tee, Corine J Frye, George and Mary Beth Burdette, Bruce Erickson, John Larsen, Barbara Lincon, Kathy Thompson, Dick Cadger, Richard and Joyce Lawrence.

Sofa King Bueno was recorded in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico in the summer of 2021 at Sand Dog Studios and engineered by Derek Willie. Mastered by Landr.

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