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Miguel Korsa - lead guitar, ukulele, harp, vocals, translator
Sixx Pack - guitar, mandolin, lead vocals, and bandleader
Sweet Pack - bass, percussion, vocals, and manager

WhatsApp (Mexico): +52-686-230-9933

Sweet Sixx
is an acoustic trio playing whatever tickles their strings, called Gypsy Blues!
Gypsy Blues is a fusion of music they love most; blues is the foundation which
they fuse with world grooves including swing, rhumba, cumbia, reggae, and rock. 
Sweet Sixx's music is personal, passionate and always fun.

In addition they have a jam band Wild Pack, that is the host band for

Music Videos

Sweet Sixx enjoys making music videos as much as writing and recording music; producing new videos twice monthly.  See them all

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contact us. * United States: 760 618 2582 * WhatsApp: +52 686 230 9933