Sixx and Sweet waiting to perform at
The Distillery in Todos Santos,
Baja California Sur, Mexico 2017
The Sweet Sixx Biography

John "Sixx" Pack and "Sweet" Rachel Pack - The Dynamic Duo

The Sweet Sixx is a husband and wife guitar and bass duo with a life's passion for the music they play and their performance. 'Sweet' Rachel Pack on bass, vocals, tambourine, shakers and kazoo and Sixx Pack on guitar, vocals, and stompbox. They are not only musicians but real music-lovers and it comes across in their performances as their music moves across the decades with uptempo swing and jump blues, to classic blues and modern blues-rock, with rumbas, waltz, rock n' roll added for flavor and spice.

Sweet and Sixx have a combined 55 years of experience in event promotion, media, and marketing between them. Sixx was a magazine and newspaper publisher, radio talk show host, and ring announcer to name a few of his past professions, and Sweet was a activities director, video host, and fitness coach and competitor. They met and fell in love in Fresno California when Sixx was promoting a concert in a venue next door to where Sweet worked in her last year of college at Fresno State.

When the met Sixx as publishing a national magazine on Mixed Martial Arts called Ultimate Athlete, additionally he was hosting a weekly radio program called "The Webmaster Show" and was the editor the Fresno Weekly, an alternative newsweekly he was publishing with in partnership with the local Fox affiliate.

In 2001, when the Nasdaq and dotcom bubble burst the radio business took a dive and the radio show was becoming too tough, Sixx decided to leave radio and focus on the Ultimate Athlete magazine. The magazine led to Sweet and Sixx producing Ultimate Athlete Fighting events and producing a DVD series on MMA for Hollywood Video.

In 2003, everything changed again. They decided to drop everything and hit the road. In May 2003, they climbed into their new motorhome with their 2 kids, Liamarie and Troy,  along with Troy's best friend Jeremy and traveled the length of Route 66 from LA to Chicago and began producing Bad Breed TV, a variety television program on mixed martial arts from coast to coast. They spent the first 3-year of their married traveling the country producing Bad Breed TV.

The two retired to Mexico in 2005 and their lives changed forever. After only six months of relaxing in the south campos of San Felipe, Baja California. They began publishing a magazine on local real estate called San Felipe Land & Home, which became Mexico Living which they published and distributed throughout Baja California north and south, as well as Sonora.

In 2008 Sweet and Sixx were approached by the president of the newly charted Lions Club of San Felipe to help them produce a blues festival. They ask them to join their new club and help them produce the festival. Sweet and Sixx did for the following 6 years.

In 2010, two years after the U.S. housing and market crash they stopped publishing. They immediately converted their magazine subscribers into club members and began the Baja Good Life Club providing discounted Mexican insurance to their members and once again promoting events for their members. In addition to their own events, they were involved and others. 

In 2012, Marty and Jackie Alameda asked them to help them produce another blues festival on the Pacific side in Rosarito. They agreed. The event would be in August. What they hadn't taken into account was the Baja Walk, an 850-mile charity walk they had scheduled over the summer from May until July. Between the Baja heat, the 15-25 mile a day walk, and the logistics of putting together a festival at the same time, it was too much and time to slow down. Sixx and Sweet decided that the Baja Blues Festival was going to be their last festival. 

Sweet and Sixx spent their careers as promoters until 2013 after a 850-mile charity walk they decided they wanted to do something different. For several years they had been producing charity blues festivals and a variety of other events. Then in 2013, while building a boat from recycled plastic bottles, two musicians Pancho and Sal of the Rio Samaya Band while staying and helping them build the boat suggested Sweet and Sixx become musicians and the idea stuck. Their lives have not been the same since.

Now married 15 years and retired, they have taken their love for music and travel and combined it with their life's experience. Sixx and Rachel Pack have both spent their careers producing and managing events and activities of all kinds from blues and Latin festivals to a hundred mile cancer walk and their own 850-mile walk for charity down the Baja Peninsula. They've worked with a host of different individuals, brands, and organizations. Combining their event production expertise, they have promoted hundreds of concerts, countless sporting, fundraising and entertainment events and have been awarded a number of prestigious accolades. Sixx and Rachel Pack have always been achievers even when they were not together. However, when they became a team 15 years ago, they became the dynamic duo.

John "Sixx" Benjamin Pack

John "Sixx" Pack was always creative and enjoyed chasing his passions, especially music. He promoted his first multiple band festival in 1985 when he was only 19 years old. During his early 20’s he worked with several promoters on concerts for bands such as WASP, Night Ranger and Scorpions and other popular rock bands of the time. At the time, Sixx also managed a handful of bands, securing opening positions in regional concerts, and produced a compilation album.

In 1986, he moved to Seattle working as a guitar technician, club DJ, and eventually regional club manager for local nightclub chain. MORE ABOUT SIXX

"Sweet" Rachel Lawrence-Pack

While Sixx had loved music and made many course changes, Rachel was rather different. She loved fitness, leading her to the position of Vice President of the California State Fresno Kinesiology Club. There, she worked to produce the KPC Fitness Expo for 3 years. For the remainder of her time before Sixx, she stayed firmly in fitness and worked in many positions including head lifeguard, fitness trainer, aerobics instructor, marketing director, event promoter, technical advisor and talent manager.

Rachel is an expert at working with people and managing fundraising events, something she learned from her nearly 11 years working for the YMCA. During her time at the YMCA. MORE ABOUT SWEET RACHEL.

Accolades - Events - Activities

The Baja Walk 100 - 100 miles, 5 Day walk against cancer

2016 BAJA WALK 100
Rachel and Sixx's most moving event was The Baja Walk 100, a 100 mile, 5 days cancer walk in the San Felipe Baja California desert. This is a fully supported walk with support station every 3 miles of the 100-mile course. The event was life changing for all involved.

2016 Baja Cancer Walk 100 - Raised over $9,000 USD for San Felipe Cancer Society and Mujeres Que Viven, AC.

The Mexico Report’s 2015 Heroes of Mexico Award

The Mexico Report has honored us with their prestigious "REAL HEROES of MEXICO AWARDS" for our contributions to Mexico in 2015, and specifically Baja. We are very proud of this award.
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The Blues Against Hunger Tours

From 2014 until the present, BAHS produces two annual food drive tour designed to reach out to blues musicians, music lovers, and organizations to help feed the hungry within their own communities, the United States BREWERS & BLUES AGAINST HUNGER TOUR and in Mexico BAJA BLUES AGAINST HUNGER TOUR.



2014 The Bud Light Latino Fest

After 8 years working on blues festivals, we wanted to promote our other passion, Latin music. With the help of good friend Terry Van Arsdale, and the team at La Ventana del Mar Resort, San Felipe Baja California we produce The Bud Light Latino Fest. Too much fun! Check out the Image Gallery

2014 Blues Against Hunger Bash

The first food drive campaign of Blues Against Hunger was the Blues Music Food Drive Tour on the West Coast including Baja, California and Oregon, and many great venues along the way, including the World Famous Johnny in Hollister California.



The San Felipe Folk & Bluegrass Festival

2011 - 2015 A special day every year when the clan from north of the border come down to Mexico from throughout the southwest with fiddles, guitars, banjos, flutes and more, strapped to the tops of their cars with tents, ice chests, and beer. It is always a week of music on the beach followed by a special concert the night before the musicians leave. A great time with amazing musicians.



The International Blues and Arts Fiesta

From 2008 - 2014, Sixx and Sweet are proud to have worked with the newly chartered Lion's Club of San Felipe to produce the San Felipe Blues & Arts Fiesta. After 7 years, they made many lifelong friends and accomplished a lot of good with this event, and the festival is still going strong and doing great things for the community. The event is every year in March. Photos: 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 The International Blues and Arts Fiesta


The Chatarra Project - Plastic waste campaign

2013 Chatarra Bottle Boat Project (Facebook - Google) Chatarra Liferaft Project was a plastic waste awareness project for Baja. The idea was to create a boat from plastic bottle waste and sail the boat down the sea of Cortez from San Felipe to La Paz. check out the Gallery

The CHATARRA Project. A smaller craft seen in the video is the second craft built. The first was a large 2-person foot powered paddle boat catamaran seen in the photos.


The Baja Love Ride - A 4-day cross-peninsula charity ride

2013 Baja Love Ride (A fundraiser for Baja Norte orphanages; a group cyclists, volunteers, and 10 Green Angels ventured on a 4-day cycling trip. Video - Photos


The BAJA LOVE RIDE Trailer - 2-minute.

A small promotional video produced by Baja Bound for the Baja Love Ride, a 4-day charity bike ride produced by Sweet and Sixx in 2011.

The BAJA LOVE RIDE Mini-documentary 9-minutes.

A 9-minute documentary by Baja Bound of the 2011 Baja Love Ride produced by Sweet and Sixx.

The 2012 Baja Walk - 850-mile desert walk

2012 Baja Walk (In 2012 they walked 850 miles down the Baja Peninsula May - July (in 74 days), as a fundraiser for Baja non-profit organizations.) During this walk members of the various communities would participate in a walking the "first mile" for a donation, the donation would remain to support the community where needed: Facebook

BAJA WALK - The Children of San Juanico

Welcome Sixx and Sweet as they walk into the small Mexican village of San Juanico, Baja California Sur, Mexico on Sixx's birthday.

BAJA WALK - The Hunt for John "Sixx" & Rachel Pack

The video was shot by Desert Bull, John and Seth on their search in desert for "The Walkers".

BAJA WALK - discussion before the walk began.

Promotional video outlining the goal of the Baja Walk 

2012 First Annual Baja Blues Fest

In 2012, Marty and Jackie Alameda hired Sixx and Rachel to help them produce a fundraising blues festival in Rosarito Beach. The event was a great success and launched a new blues event in Baja California. Featuring the best regional and International artists and had raised thousands for local kids in need. Photos: 2012


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The band was formed in 2013 when Sweet and Sixx needed an event for a food drive. After the two had spent most of their lifetimes backstage, producing events and most recently blues festivals (2008-2012); and after falling in love with the blues, and with the encouragement of many musician friends, Sixx and Rachel Pack formed a band. Wild Pack is a full-time touring jam band and host band for Blues Against Hunger Society, international charity food drives, a group dedicated to feeding the hungry while preserving and promoting the blues. "We're blessed to be able to do what we love, follow our passion of helping others, travel and music. We now can play with musicians, far and wide, and share what we love. We hope to jam with you, sometime, someplace - out there in the WILD!" OUR LINKS:

Sixx Pack | 'Sweet' Rachel Pack | Wild Pack Band | Blues Against Hunger Society | Sweet Sixx Brewers & Blues Against Hunger Tour | Baja Blues Against Hunger Tour

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